Conservation House

Environmentally Sustainable Design

The Department of Conservation wanted an environmentally friendly building- one which would testify to its commitment to the value of conservation. Conservation House won the Sustainable Building Award at the 2006 Govt3 Awards for its new offices in the former Hoyts movie theatre complex on Manners Street in central Wellington. The building was redeveloped by The Wellington Company into what is being recognised as one of the most environmentally- friendly office buildings in New Zealand.

The Wellington Company has sought to recreate, rather than recycle, a disused cinema complex, turning it into an enhanced state-of-the-art ‘green’ building. It utilises the most advanced sustainable ventilation and energy-saving strategies, such as replacing conventional air conditioning high highly efficient, noiseless, active chilled beams- the first such use in Australasia.

Sustainability is paramount, even during construction, when waste was sorted on site and minimised.